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Image by Maarten Deckers

Bring Good Vibration to Your Life

Coaching Offerings

As your coach, I will support you as you explore how to take back your power from alcohol. It is important to remember that, It is not your fault, there is nothing wrong with you, and It is your responsibility.  You are dealing with an addictive substance.

Together we can delve into your relationship with alcohol and take a look at limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from the freedom you seek. Most of us don’t even realize how many  of these we hold. A coach can ask questions to shine a light on this and bring these thoughts and beliefs out of the darkness of the subconscious and into the light of awareness to examine. Together we can make a plan to transform outdated beliefs into a powerful life affirming mindset to take back your life. You can also choose to learn the science of how alcohol impacts your brain and body.

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